Next up at Judson Theatre Company - BELL, BOOK AND CANDLE!

Judson Theatre Company's ( next production is John Van Druten's magical romantic comedy Bell, Book and Candle!

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After years of being rarely produced at the professional level, several high-profile regional theatre companies have staged the play over the past few years. We put it on Judson Theatre Company's audience survey this past spring--and sure enough, our wonderful patrons didn't let me down. When BB&C showed up as one of the most popular plays on the survey, we took it as a sign: the time to do it is now!

In addition to being a fan of underappreciated playwright John Van Druten, I've always particularly loved Bell, Book and Candle.  It's truly a magical play--a comedy of charm.  Van Druten wrote the stage plays I Remember Mama, The Voice of the Turtle (which ran for three seasons on Broadway), Old Acquaintance (probably best known as a movie) and I am a Camera (which was one of the sources for the musical Cabaret). Van Druten directed the original Broadway production of The King and I, as well as directing the original Broadway production of Bell, Book and Candle.

I first saw a community theatre production of the play when I was a child, which made me track down the Jimmy Stewart/Kim Novak/Jack Lemmon movie on VHS (it was a long time ago!). Through the years I've seen several professional productions, and finally, it's all culminating in a chance to work on this wonderful show. Hope you'll be there so we can share this show together.

It's November 7-10 only at Owens Auditorium in Pinehurst, and tickets and info are at