Plenty to be thankful for

The title of this post is shamelessly borrowed from an Irving Berlin song--and indeed, writing this on the eve of Thanksgiving 2015, I reflect on the past year and the main feeling I have is gratitude.

It's been a full year. Four openings since June: Plaza Suite and Harvey at Judson Theatre Company, Dial 'M' for Murder at Millbrook Playhouse, and Shear Madness off-Broadway at New World Stages, plus my ongoing involvement with The Fantasticks and Perfect Crime. A year of opening nights, closing nights, matinees and two show days; of dreams come true; of finally working with people whose work I've always admired--and finding out they were all I hoped they'd be, and more; of doing shows I've always wanted to do; of giving back to my hometown; of making theatre with friends; of being the architect of my own life more than ever before.

It all starts and ends with my beloved family and my family of friends: the new friends I make on each show, and the friends who continue with me from show to show. And of course, the audience. Theatre brings people together to laugh, cry, love, dream, share. We need that more than ever.

Thank you.