John Wesley Shipp in TWELVE ANGRY MEN - Judson Theatre Company

TWELVE ANGRY MEN has been an amazing hit at Judson Theatre Company. Two time Emmy winner John Wesley Shipp (The Flash, Dawson's Creek) is an amazing actor onstage and an amazing company leader and friend off stage.

TWELVE ANGRY MEN concluded its run on September 25, 2016. Here's a link to a video of curtain call at one of the performances.

And John Wesley Shipp gives a great interview too. Here he is on TWC News 14:

And here he is on CW22's 22Greenroom!


We brought in more actors from NYC for TWELVE ANGRY MEN than we ever had before, including Broadway's Mike Boland. The entire experience was a joy, artistically and personally.

Special thanks to all our JTC Donors and Season Sponsors who have made it possible for Judson Theatre Company to grow. TWELVE ANGRY MEN was a much larger production for us, and we couldn't have done it without their support. 

Onward to Season Six!